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about mountain dog inc.

Jessica, owner of Mountain Dog Inc.  knows that a well-behaved, happy dog is easy to manage within and outside of the home. Her approach to dog training begins with assessing the state of mind of each dog, and history,  before implementing an individualized behavior plan to achieve the goals set to produce wanted behavior and extinguish ill behavior, this is accomplished through clear and positive communication and trust. 

Mountain Dog Inc.  offers various training programs designed to meet the needs of every dog and owner, as well as outdoor adventures, and boarding. Once a dog is thoroughly assessed, a individualized plan to best meet the behavioral goals will be determined and discussed with the owner beforehand. Jessica works with dogs of all breeds, temperaments, and behavioral issues, except those with aggression toward humans and true aggression towards other dogs.

Weather permitting, a lot of the training takes place in a mountain environment with Jessica’s pack of veteran dogs that motivate and encourage new dogs to adopt positive behavior, polite socialization, desensitization to stimuli, and has the added benefit of receiving exercise further enhanced deep within nature.

about jessica apperson

Since early childhood, Jessica has innately bonded with animals of all kinds. Her approach to dog training begins with assessing the state of mind of each dog before implementing a treatment plan. Jessica is more concerned with first building trust in the relationship she has with each dog, which is key for motivating the learning process more easily and effectively. Jessica’s philosophy of dog training places the highest value on the dog’s overall well-being. She understands how a dog pushed too hard before its time and readiness results in a stressed dog, ultimately acting out with unwanted behavior.

Jessica is certified in Therapeutic Animal Therapy, Starting at the age of 5 she began horseback riding lessons.  At the age of 10, Jessica was given the opportunity to take on a green Polish Arabian horse with little training. After countless hours, patience, and injuries. After three years the once wild horse allowed Jessica to ride him without a bridle or saddle and was so safe she began teaching lessons to her peers and young children.


  After college Jessica started a business on Mercer Island her hometown, with her two lesson horses teaching children lifeskill though horsemanship, discovering her passion teaching students with learning differences.

  This led her to become certified in Equine Assisted Therapeutic Riding. Teaching in Arizona and later on in the PNW. 

  Jessica wanted to focus on ASD and got certified in applied behavior analysis therapy (RBT) Over the last 25 plus years of working analyzing behavior, she brings all her natural ease, extensive skillset, and decades of experience training dogs in her unique way to meet their fullest potential and the desired goals of their owners.

Jessica Apperson
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