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Fluffy Dog


home rules for successful training

For the best possible success of the Board & Train Program, you must be willing to implement the following house rules for 30-90 days after your go home transfer session:

  • Dog is not fed human food

  • Dog may not jump on people, counters or tables

  • Dog must be crated at night and when you are not home (unless otherwise specified)

  • Dog is not allowed access to human furniture (beds, couches, chairs, etc.)

  • Dog is now allowed to initiate any dog, small child or stranger greeting for 30-90 days while practicing duration off leash e-collar work. If the dog is to encounter a known individual (dog/human) leash dog and pair a verbal command upon allowing a greeting. Playdates and socialization can start in the beginning if done in designated areas that will not allow dog to interact with unfamiliar dogs.


Dog’s owner must provide the dog with a structured day such as the one below:

  • Duration work, incorporated with obedience skills throughout the day

  • Be seated and waiting until release command is given to be fed or pass through thresholds

  • Daily, consistent E-Collar use (collar can be adjusted to different positions on the neck to help prevent possible irritation)

  • Other instructions will be included and is dependent upon the individual needs of your dog 

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